After the initial 5-Step Restoration Process you can choose one of our maintenance programs. For most decks we recommend our 3-Step Maintenance Process every 2 years to maintain the protection established during the initial 5-Step procedure.

During the first 2-year maintenance visit we usually only need to reseal the “Flats” (the deck floor, steps, & top hand rail). During the second maintenance visit (4 years after the initial 5-Step Process) we will need to reseal the entire deck.

Vertical surfaces such as railings, skirting and fences, in most cases, will only need to be resealed every 4-5 years.

Our 3-Step Maintenance Process is less extensive than our full 5-Step Process and therefore comes at a discounted price. There is no guarantee associated with the 3-Step Process.

Pool Decks

Pool Decks may need the “Flats” done annually. We recommend that Pool Decks, due to the increased use and exposure to chemicals, be stained at the end of each season (instead of at the beginning) to protect them during the winter and following summer. Our sealer will still look good after the winter and you won’t be waiting on us to open your pool in the spring.

Spring Cleaning

We also offer a light deck cleaning service to remove any dirt and mildew during the seasons you don’t need to have your deck or other outdoor wood surfaces stained. Be sure to ask about our Spring Cleaning Specials we run during the month of April.


The 3-Step Maintenance Process (usually done 2-3 years after our 5-Step Process)

Step 1

Application of our deck cleaner to remove dirt and pollutants followed by a gentle power wash to clean the surfaces.

Step 2

Surfaces will then be treated with Pro Mold Cleaner to keep mold & mildew under control. All areas will once again receive a gentle power wash to remove all cleaning products.

Step 3

After allowing the surfaces to completely dry out we will return to apply one coat of Deck Medics’ semi-transparent oil based stain to maintain the protection established during the initial 5-Step Process.

**Pool Decks may require annual maintenance depending on the use, chemicals and amount of sun it received. Pool Decks are NOT covered under the terms of the warranty


Deck Medic’s One Year Warranty

Our Warranty is for One Year from the date of the stain application against any peeling or flaking. The warranty only covers projects where Deck Medic’s semi-transparent oil based stain is applied. It is applicable only when our Professional 5-Step Restoration Process is chosen. Any other products used are NOT covered under the terms of this warranty. Our Warranty covers the labor & materials necessary to repair the area of failure.

Our Warranty does NOT cover the following

Ipe, Teak, or any other type of exotic or hardwood materials. Pool decks or any damages due to the use of unapproved chemicals. Scratches from animals or furniture or any failure due to those scratches

Although we treat for existing mold & mildew we do not warranty any new mold & mildew.

Fading is expected and natural and is NOT a warranty issue. Our stain is designed to slowly fade over a 2-3 year period allowing us to re-coat with out having to strip the deck each time.

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