Deck Medics' Professional 5-Step Restoration Process



Included surfaces will be pretreated with Pro Strip, our very own professional deck stripper, formulated to break down any pre-existing stain or sealer. Included surfaces will be gently cleaned using a high volume pressure washer to rinse away the stripping agent & attempt to remove as much of the old stain/sealer as possible. We cannot guarantee how much of the pre-existing product will come off. Any remaining stain or sealer may show through our light semi-transparent oil based stain depending on the finished color chosen.



Application of Pro Bright, our brightening and neutralizing agent. Designed to equal out the PH factor in the wood after the stripping process and to bring back the natural beauty of the wood. All surfaces will be rinsed a 2nd time using our high volume pressure washers.



Our mold and mildew treatment. Deck Medics’ Pro Mold Cleaner is formulated to attack any remaining mold spores hidden in the grain of the wood after the first two wash steps have been completed. All surfaces will then receive a third and final wash to ensure the removal of all of our proprietary cleaning & stripping products.

Dry Time…After our signature “Triple Wash Process” the wood will be allowed to completely dry for 2-4 days prior to our return to perform the final two steps. Weather and scheduling will play a role in how many days there will be between the wash and stain days.



Decks & Play Sets will be sanded to remove areas of raised grain and prepare the wood for staining. We will attempt to sand off any remaining product that did not come off during the wash process. We do not offer any guarantees as to how much of the pre-existing products will be removed prior to staining, any remaining stain or sealer may be noticeable.

**Rough sawn wood, such as deck skirting, fences, gazebos, & pergolas will NOT be sanded.


The final step is the application of our professional grade, 100% oil based, semi-transparent stain. Stain will be sprayed on for an even application & back brushed to work the stain into the grain of the wood. High traffic areas such as Deck Floors, Steps, & Top Hand Rails (the “Flats”) will receive TWO COATS of stain applied “wet on wet” for additional protection


Deck Medics' Professional 4-Step Solid Acrylic Stain Process


Included surfaces will be power washed using our Pro Deck Cleaner to remove dirt, pollutants, and any loose or flaking paint or stain.


All outdoor wood surfaces have mold/mildew that must be treated prior to staining. We will be using Deck Medics’ Pro Mold Cleaner to attack any mold spores remaining in the grain of the wood after the initial cleaning. All surfaces will receive a final rinse to remove all cleaning products and prepare the surface for staining.

Dry Time Even solid acrylic (water based) stains need to be allowed to completely dry for a few days after power washing before we can return for the sanding and staining steps.


All areas of coating failure will be thoroughly scraped and sanded prior to top coating.


After all of the prep work has been completed we will apply a professional grade solid acrylic deck stain. The number of coats will depend on the prior condition and the color choice.

**Consult with your local Deck Medic representative whether your project requires 1 or 2 coats